dataMate® High-Speed Copper Transceiver


Due to the high cost of 1-gigabit optical converters, Methode was approached to develop a small form, copper transceiver that could handle distances of 100 meters or less.



Tapping into Methode's extensive experience in interconnects and miniaturization electronics, our team designed and produced the first copper SFP (small form pluggable) transceiver.


For companies already heavily invested in copper infrastructure, the high costs of 1-gigabit optical converters created a need for a copper version that could handle short distances. Early copper alternatives were bulky gigabit interface converters (GBIC) and the industry required a smaller form factor. Working with a major network-equipment OEM, Methode's Data Solutions Group made use of its extensive electronics background in interconnects and miniaturization to manufacture the copper SFP (small form pluggable) transceiver. Enabling customers to utilize the standard category 5 cable already installed in virtually every building, the transceiver, when used in a 5000 port operation, realized a savings of billions of dollars. The dataMate® high-speed copper SFP transceiver matched the footprint of the optical version and offered the option of using either optical or copper transceivers in an open architecture. This established Methode as "the copper experts," and our advances continue with the recent development of the first 10-gigabit copper solution over simple copper cabling.

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