Data Center Cabling Infrastructure



CTI was tasked with developing a solution to prevent Storage Area Network outages at a co-location data center.



Our team designed and installed a more flexible and simplified cabling infrastructure to improve network performance and increase capacity for data center expansion.


A major co-location data center company experienced multiple outages of their Storage Area Network (SAN), costing the company more than $3 million over a four-month period. The customer's network support team believed the problem stemmed from a recently installed storage array. After that testing proved negative, they approached CTI to assess the cabling infrastructure. Our team determined that poor cable management was the root cause of the outages and, after a detailed design session and mapping of the existing infrastructure, proposed an entirely new cabling environment.

Working to improve overall network performance and increase capacity for data center expansion, CTI installed over a billion feet of cable, 10,000 network ports and 124 panels in 80 locations within the data center. CTI’s professional services team staged the migration without interfering with the day-to-day operations of the active facility and at a fraction of the cost of the penalties paid for the outages. Since the installation, the customer has not experienced another cable-related outage and has signed a services agreement with CTI to provide cable management support for future installation and maintenance work.

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