Fiber Optic Pro-Slide™ Connector


CTI was tasked with providing cable support teams a manageable way to perform moves, adds and changes without damaging connectors or sacrificing system density.



Our team developed the Pro-Slide™ Connector, a fiber-optic LC uni-body duplex connector, featuring a slide bar to perform an easy-to-lock/easy-to-remove action.


Manufacturers of patch panels and switch equipment made their products highly dense to increase the number of ports in the smallest possible footprint, creating problems for cable support teams. The need to perform timely moves, adds and changes without damaging the connectors, became increasingly difficult. After receiving calls for help from many customers, the CTI team set out to develop a solution. After six months of design and prototyping, CTI created the Pro-Slide™ Connector. This unique fiber-optic LC uni-body duplex connector features a top slide bar that, when pulled back, depresses the connector's locking tabs, facilitating easy removal from the equipment without damaging the cable. Additionally, the design includes a slot on the back of the slide bar that allows a special 'T' shaped tool to draw back the slide. Saving maintenance time and reducing the need for replacement cables, the Pro-Slide Connector is now an integral part of many CTI customers' cable assemblies.

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