DC Series Cabinets for Organizing Cable Infrastructure


CTI was tasked with designing a highly organized cabling infrastructure to eliminate unnecessary patch panel and cable exposure, reducing the risk of accidental disconnects, damage and overheating.



Our team developed the DC Series cabinets to hold patch panels safely, utilizing a monorail slide for doors that can be opened individually or as a group, and offering an accordion door option for single-entry control.


A major financial services company located in the Dallas area approached CTI with cabling-infrastructure storage problems. The majority of their cabling was stored in an open rack system that required the cable to run under the floor or up to overhead conveyance trays. The inability to cover the adjacent patch panels and cables during maintenance, coupled with the hazard of technicians operating under the floor or on ladders, highlighted the inefficiencies of the infrastructure.

CTI designed the DC cabinet to hold the patch panels and provide a secure patching environment for the data center main distribution area. The cabinet employs an overhead monorail system that mounts the doors on trolleys, allowing them to be rolled to one end and secured in a door storage garage when significant cabling work is required. Additionally, CTI designed the cabinet's doors to open both individually, like traditional cabinet doors, or accordion-style for single-entry control. Based around a four-post equipment rack, when the DC cabinet is coupled with the Front Access Patch Panel system, the customer gains double density capability.

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