Pluggable High-Power Distribution System Minimizes Server Downtime


Methode was approached to design a high-power pluggable distribution system for a customer who cannot afford downtime.



Our team developed a safe, high-power pluggable distribution system that doesn't require the removal of bolt-down connections.


Methode was approached by a high-end server customer with servers that process and store data for financial institutions and credit card companies. Because any server downtime is very costly for this customer, Methode engineers were tasked with designing a very high-power pluggable distribution system. Two 750A PowerRails® were used for supply and return. These were mounted together on a baseplate for easy and fast installation into the cabinet. Blade bus bars were designed to mate with the PowerRail. Because both the PowerRails and blade bus bars were in close proximity to other metal parts, a reliable insulator was required. Our powder coating insulation was chosen because of its high dielectric rating. Also, since it is deposited with an electrostatic spray process, it applies well to any shape including the blade bus bars that have sharp bends.

If there is a problem with the server now, the customer can very quickly unplug the power connection as opposed to the time-consuming removal of several bolt-down connections.

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