FusionLug® on Flat Braid for Low-Inductance Assembly


Methode was tasked with replacing conventional round power cables with a long, flexible, 200A power cable that was less susceptible to picking up external electrical noise, as well as less apt to radiate electrical noise from the switching power-supply source. This allowed the system to more easily pass conducted and radiated emissions requirements.



Methode's engineers utilized flat-braid cable 'sandwiched together' to reduce noise pick-up and radiated noise.


The customer's large system required a long internal power cable. The switching power supplies generated a lot of electrical noise, and long power cables can radiate that noise if precautions are not taken to mitigate it. Our engineers selected a pair of flat-braid cables to carry the current because the mean free (magnetic) path of flat braid is significantly longer, and the resulting cable inductance is significantly lower, than round cable of equivalent cross section. The lower inductance means less radiated noise. One braid was jacketed to insulate it from the other braid. Then the combination was jacketed to hold the two conductors carrying equal and opposite current in very close proximity. The equal and opposite differential noise current tends to cancel in this configuration, reducing radiated noise.

Each braid was terminated with FusionLugs® to minimize voltage drop and create a large surface area for connecting to a bus bar.

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