XP3 Custom Power Connector


Methode was approached to develop an easily-mated, very low-resistance power interconnect with no more than 10mV drop at 200A.



Methode employed our unique low-resistance WovenBud™ (Tribotek™) connector technology that also features low mating capabilities.


Methode was fortunate to have recently acquired the Tribotek connector technology, which features massively parallel internal contacts to lower contact resistance without a commensurate increase in mating force. This technology became the core of our solution for a very low-resistance connector.

Power distribution from multiple power units to multiple loads can exhibit excessive power distribution and power loss, increasing the need for cooling. In cases where a total power-loss budget from power unit to load is established, each segment along the path is given a percentage of that budget so the combined power-transmission loss is controlled, including through the power connectors.

This particular connector design paralleled three Tribotek connectors to keep the voltage drop below 10mV at 200A. The colinear contacts keep the housing height low, allowing approximately 100 connectors to be stacked within the power distribution matrix.

Some of the connector features include:

  • Low insertion force
  • Individual contact resistance < 50µΩ
  • Power loss (3 contacts) <2W
  • High-contact density
  • Connector housing designed for blind-mate applications

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