Advanced Mainframe Computer Power Distribution



Methode was asked to reduce the cost of a large computer system's power distribution harness.



To eliminate the possibility of wiring errors, our team designed a laminated bus bar system composed of eight conductive layers that included Mylar/Tedlar® insulation, silk-screened terminal identification, self-clinching hardware, tin-plated terminals and an epoxy-filled insulation edge.


A team of designers from a major computer company needed to distribute power to numerous points within a large computer system. They desired a cost-effective solution that offered high reliability, space savings, fast installation and ease of serviceability. Discrete wiring was considered unreliable because the fabrication of the many wires with crimped connections, heat-shrink tubing on exposed wiring and tie wraps offered too many opportunities for failure. A Methode laminated bus bar became the preferred solution, minimizing the opportunities for error. The total installed cost of the bus bar system proved to be much less than the wiring alternative and the customers were especially pleased with the fast installation and ease of serviceability.

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