Biometric Sensor for Vehicle Personalization


Methode wanted to design a system for passenger automobiles capable of recognizing multiple drivers and their system preferences, and allow access to confidential information for a more enjoyable driving experience.


Utilizing advanced biometric technology, the Methode team created an identification system that quickly and easily identifies preprogrammed users from a number of common touch points.


Today's vehicles are highly complex in terms of both features and user interfaces. Methode sought to design a system that would personalize vehicles for each driver. The system also allows access to confidential information stored in the vehicle's database. A remote key fob solution was considered but offered little personalization benefits and did not possess the capabilities to allow access to personal data in the vehicle such as GPS map locations, e-mail, online banking and other highly sensitive information. Using multi-spectral imaging, Methode created a seamless, transparent biometric identification system for vehicles. Identification can be as easy as operating the stop/start switch or touching the console mounted sensor. By employing multi-spectral imaging we created the robustness and reliability that has previously eluded biometric solutions. With the ability to recognize the true user, rather than a fob that can be shared, lost or stolen, we can enable feature, such as driver behavior-based algorithms for safety and performance.

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