LevelGuard® Liquid Level Pump Switch Sensor


Methode was asked to develop a more reliable way to prevent basement flooding due to the inaccuracies and failures of standard float switches, commonly used in residential sump pumps.



Methode's team designed a sensor switch that uses field-effect technology to monitor fluid levels within residential sump and sewage pits. LevelGuard® is a software free, solid state pump switch that turns your sump or sewage pump on and off. The field-effect of a touch cell detects any conductive mass (water) entering or changing the field and activates the pump evacuating the water from the pit. The field-effect sensor emanates through any dielectric substrate such as glass or plastic. Field-effect touch cells can be easily integrated in any kind of application and are the perfect sensor solution for fluid level control.


Dissatisfied with industry standard float switches, homeowners requested a more reliable means of preventing basement flooding. Methode's design team addressed owners' concerns and developed the LevelGuard® solution. With the market's first high-current pump control, LevelGuard utilizes patented field-effect sensing technology. Including upper- and lower-level fluid-sensing limits, thermal protection and easy installation mounting features, the solid-state solution met the challenge and surpassed competing float switch alternative 7 to 1 in independent testing.

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