Solid-State Control Panel for Kia Motors


Methode was tasked with designing an in-car infotainment system, using the auto's existing mechanical interface to create a fully functional touch solution, all under the constraints of a tight timeline.



Our team developed a solid-state digital control panel with no moving parts or electrical contacts to reduce areas of wear, weight and costs.


Kia Motors approached Methode to create a new, in-car infotainment system to debut at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The goal was to transform the automobile's existing mechanical interface into a fully functional, field-effect touch solution, in only three months. Two months later, Methode delivered a fully developed solid-state control panel for Kia. With no moving parts or electrical contacts, the digital solution significantly reduces wear, weight and costs. The versatile panel can be manufactured in a variety of materials and contoured design, allowing Kia the freedom to create fresh and dynamic solutions for enhanced cabin architecture, without redesigning the system. Well received at the 2010 CES, Kia has approved Methode's field-effect technology for future Kia projects.

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