Implementation of Innovative User Interface Solutions


Methode was approached to build a solution that would meet the growing market demand for crane cabins equipped with control and personal comfort user interfaces, similar to those found in today's automobiles.


Working with the customer, our team offered a wide variety of technology and concepts to help them develop a competitive advantage in the market.


One of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial cranes saw their competition gradually adding new features to their products to improve safety and usability. The customer was struck by the vast difference between the advanced and modern controls found in automobiles and the dated controls and technologies found in their cranes, and sought improvement. Hetronic, a Methode subsidiary and supplier to this customer, identified the need and arranged for Methode to present not only its technology, but a variety of ideas and concepts to help the customer develop the vision required to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Methode's global team also helped the customer bring its global resources together to develop a consensus on how to move forward.

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