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We take your data center to the next level with versatile Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) and physical layer infrastructure to help you better manage for today’s needs and scale for tomorrow’s growth. We stand apart through innovation; our ability to provide quality, customized solutions; and a diverse portfolio of products.

Technologies & Capabilities

Hot-Swap PluggableTransceivers and Smart DAC technology allow for system expansion without network interruption.

Near-Field RFID SolutionsA specialized reader designed in conjunction with high-frequency RFID tags, this solution provides precise near-field authentication.

RFID Asset TrackingOut-of-the-box functionality utilizing the latest UHF technology allows for the immediate tracking of assets and inventory movement.

High Density ConnectorsSpecially designed fiber-optic connectors allow for easy access and removal by utilizing a patented push-pull slide action.

High-Speed Copper Data TransferCapable of handling distances up to 100 meters, Methode’s dataMate® products have the smallest form factors and data rates of 1.25 and 10 Gbps.

DC Series CabinetThe DC Series Cabinet features a single, sliding accordion door across the entire distribution frame secured with biometric access control and incorporates innovative wire management features.

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