Fast Channel

Copper Fiber

Methode’s Fast Channel™ modular systems provide a reliable, high-performance solution. Our “plug-and-play” copper infrastructure reduces installation time by as much as 75 percent using preterminated copper trunks and patch cords incorporated in modular patch panels.


Product Features:

  • Reliable
  • Rapid deployment
  • High performance


Rapid DeploymentThe plug-and-play solution reduces installation time up to 75%.

High PerformanceDuring the manufacturing process, each individual link is tested and certified to TIA standards in a controlled environment.

Multiple OptionsFAST CHANNEL trunks can be ordered in 6 or 12 cable bundles. Customers can also specify lengths for Category 5e 25 pair, Category 6, 6A and Category 5e bundled 4-pair, preterminated trunks. These copper trunks are terminated with Keystone jacks or RJ-45 plugs for rapid deployment into 12-, 24- and 48-port patch panels.

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Professional ServicesAt Methode, our reputation and expertise go a long way. With in-house manufacturing capabilities and professional services that include infrastructure design, custom fabrication and installation, we continue to exceed client expectation and see 80 percent repeat business annually. Our project management staff and industry-trained technicians are well trained and equipped to meet the most demanding industry and client requirements. They maintain certifications through: BICSI, FOA and ETA.



Customers can choose connector type, port count, color and silk screen port identifiers for patch panels.

Custom Cable Configuration

Customers can choose custom cable length, cable count and connector type options for all copper trunks.

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