Energy & Power Management

We lead with expertise in lithium-ion automotive design to deliver greater efficiency in battery energy density, battery life and smaller battery footprint for our data storage, telecom and alternative energy customers. Learn how our patent-pending “peak shave” technology is shaping the future of data center power.

Our Cutting-edge Approach to Data Center Energy and Power Management


Save energy and money with the first high-densiity lithium-ion UPS (line interactive class). The AC6000 delivers 6,000 watts of base power in 2U form factor, state-of-health testing without battery damage and longer lasting battery life of three to seven years.


Available in a variety of amperage and receptacle choices, our PDUs come in either a 'standard' or 'intelligent' form factor, both in three- and single-phase options. Learn how "intelligent" PDUs provide continuous data on circuits / outlets and why data center managers are customizing their PDU solutions for DCIM.

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