PDUs Designed for Higher Density, Increased Reliability and Continuous Power

Methode Power Distribution Units (PDUs) are available in a variety of options and are typically available for immediate delivery. PDUs may be ordered as stand-alone units or as pre-installed accessories to one of Methode’s many data center cabinet options.

We offer standard and intelligent PDUs in both vertical and 19-inch horizontal mount configurations. Our intelligent PDU is equipped to make critical system decisions and communicate with a variety of industry-standard protocols, via serial, SNMP, and HTTP. This capability, along with the monitoring of essential system parameters, allows for better isolation by keeping high-voltage measurement and control inside the unit.


Product Features:

  • Provides continuous data to circuits and outlets
  • Includes integrated temperature and humidity ports
  • Delivers high quality, reliable design
  • Integrates master/slave IP connectivity for fewer IP ports
  • Available in standard and intelligent options

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