High-Speed Copper Transceivers & Modules

Methode's dataMate® high performance SFP, SFP+, XFP and X2 pluggable products achieve data transfer rates rivaling fiber-optic speeds while utilizing existing copper infrastructure and switch equipment. Offerings include transceivers, loopbacks and direct attached transceiver cable assemblies, which can be customized according to application need.

High-Speed Copper & Module Solutions

The dataMate® line of copper-based products provides easy and reliable interconnect capabilities for high performance network communications platforms.

Copper Transceivers

Take advantage of existing copper cabling infrastructure by using high-speed pluggable copper transceivers that allow for open architecture interface management. NEW! G.Fast SFP DSL Copper Transciver


Custom labeling and programming are available.


Use dataMate® copper solutions to replace optical loopback products at half the price without sacrificing quality. The robust design allows up to 500 insertions per unit without degradation in performance and supports both copper and optical testing needs. NEW! QSFP+ and CXP Loopbacks.


Custom labeling is available.

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