For over 35 years, Methode has provided system critical solutions to the world's leading automotive manufacturers. With millions of our products in automobiles on the road today, we understand the importance of meeting stringent automotive requirements while bringing brand-differentiating ideas to our customers. Methode's significant impact on this ever-changing market was demonstrated by the release of MyFord Touch™, featuring Methode's TouchSensor™ technology.

Methode is... cutting-edge technology used to bring innovative products to market.



Integrated Center Stack

Leverage Methode's Technology Toolbox and capitalize on one of the hottest automotive interior design trends to differentiate brands and models with unique integrated center-stack styling.

Touch Screens

Sensitive to touch yet rugged enough to survive transportation-industry requirements, our touch screens are designed for a long life of accurate and reliable performance.

Controls & Switches

One of the fastest growing trends in automotive-interior electronics is to replace traditional mechanical switches with solid-state switches. Our solid-state solutions provide OEMs the ability to offer highly stylized interiors that revolutionize the approach to both design and development.

Programmable Rotary Controls with Haptic Technology

IntuiTek™ haptic devices are the next revolution in Programmable Rotary Control to achieve precision control, on-the-fly programming of tactile feedback, push-to-select switching for multifunction use and more.

Bus Bars

A leading provider of Bus Bar solutions, Methode delivers products that meet RoHS and REACH standards, as well as UL-certified assemblies. We provide sales, engineering and manufacturing support from our facilities in North America, Europe and Asia. Our experienced teams of engineers, supported by our regional design centers, collaborate with our customers to turn their concepts into high-performing, cost-effective solutions.

Power Cabling

A global leader in the design and manufacture of low-voltage drop power cabling systems, Methode offers total manufacturing support. From designing concepts and engineering prototypes through to high-volume production, our extensive line of innovative process allows for easily customized solutions to meet the most challenging power distribution applications. All our products are RoHS and REACH compliant.

Power Connectors & Contacts

Methode offers two contact technologies for high current power connectors: PowerBud® and the RK Series. All of our contact systems offer superior electrical performance, including lower resistance, higher cycle life and lower insertion force, to meet our customers' demanding requirements.

Complex Insert Molding & Lead Frame Assemblies

Insert molded Lead Frames can be designed with compartments for wire bonded electronic citruits and multiple I/O Interfaces.

EVSE Power Connector

Methode's electric vehicle connector for SAE J1772 level 2 charging is UL & CSA recognized and utilizes patented PowerBud® contact technology for superior electrical and mechanical performance.

Universal Transmission Sensor

Our non-contact, instantaneous torque sensors have no speed dependency; can be directly immersed in transmission fluids and have an extended temperature operating range. This sensor can be used for AT, CVT and DCT transmissions, and measures both shaft input or output torque, and can indicate speed and direction within the same sensor.

Sensor for Clutch Pedal Position

Using a moving target with a magnet above a Hall element, our clutch pedal position sensor offers a cost-effective way of measuring limited linear position with suitable resolution, utilizing standard components.

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