Methode's products and services connect, protect and power your communications infrastructure. Whether data center infrastructure design and assembly, high-speed copper or optical components or delivery of an efficient power distribution solution, we offer quick turnaround and value-driven, engineered solutions that meet your needs. Our extensive array of differentiated solutions, backed by front-line experience in the industry, improve uptime and provide customers with greater efficiency and lower overall costs.

Methode is... providing solutions to improve your communications infrastructure.




Our custom-engineered PowerRail® add flexibility to data centers, allowing customers with the most demanding power-distribution needs to reliably operate.

High-Speed Copper Transceivers & Modules

The dataMate® line of copper-based products provides easy and reliable interconnect capabilities for high performance network communications platforms.

EMI Receptacles

dataMate® offers superior EMI shielding, MSA compliant single- and multi-port cages for SFP, SFP+ and XFP.

Bus Bars

A leading provider of Bus Bar solutions, Methode delivers products that meet RoHS and REACH standards, as well as UL-certified assemblies. We provide sales, engineering and manufacturing support from our facilities in North America, Europe and Asia. Our experienced teams of engineers, supported by our regional design centers, collaborate with our customers to turn their concepts into high-performing, cost-effective solutions.

Power Cabling

A global leader in the design and manufacture of low-voltage drop power cabling systems, Methode offers total manufacturing support. From designing concepts and engineering prototypes through to high-volume production, our extensive line of innovative process allows for easily customized solutions to meet the most challenging power distribution applications. All our products are RoHS and REACH compliant.

Power Connectors & Contacts

Methode offers two contact technologies for high current power connectors: PowerBud® and the RK Series. All of our contact systems offer superior electrical performance, including lower resistance, higher cycle life and lower insertion force, to meet our customers' demanding requirements.

Thermal Management

Our unique, customizable thermal-management solutions are designed to work with high-performance applications, and protect high-power systems.

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