Methode enables new possibilities through innovative user interface, sensor, and power-management solutions. Working with major health-care companies such as LifeScan, Siemens Medical, Philips Medical, Medtronic and Stryker, Methode provides critical components and subsystems for next-generation CT, MRI and other patient-care equipment.



shrinkMate™ Cable Shielding - Now Available in Medical Grade Tubing

This lightweight solution provides not only electrical continuity, EMI, RFI, and ESD cable shielding, but also enables electrical connection between components of various sizes and shapes, and between solderable and non-solderabale surfaces.

Modular User Interface

IntuiTek™ Modular User Interface products are the ideal solution for integrators who want to manage their own assembly process. The products offer reliable touch input without software or tooling.

Touch Screens

Sensitive to touch yet rugged, our touch screens are designed for a long life of accurate and reliable performance.”

Biometric Sensing

Methode's Biometric Sensing, using multi-spectral imaging, enables identity verification based on the unique characteristics of human skin structure. Personal recognition from unique physical attributes offers a powerful tool for identity management.

Programmable Rotary Controls with Haptic Technology

IntuiTek™ haptic devices are the next revolution in Programmable Rotary Control to achieve precision control, on-the-fly programming of tactile feedback, push-to-select switching for multifunction use and more.

Custom User Interface

Methode's TouchSensor™ division has redefined user interface touch interaction and touch activation, designing nearly 14 million custom user interface panels for some of the world's best brands and harshest environments. With expert engineering design centers on three continents, Methode brings creative design and rugged reliability together for unprecedented innovation, performance, style, and user experience.

Conductive & Resistance Inks

Methode has been formulating and manufacturing polymer thick film (PTF) inks for the electronics industry for over forty years. As experts in developing conductive and resistive inks, Methode has developed innovative aqueous-based inkjet conductive inks for the growing printed electronics market, and print-and-assemble sensor assemblies. Our assemblies can be customized to meet your physical layout, substrate material, electrical conductivity and durability needs. Utilized in applications like fuel level, throttle position, printer media detection, RFID and patient oxygen sensing, these sensors incorporate our conductive and resistive design expertise.

Bus Bars

A leading provider of Bus Bar solutions, Methode delivers products that meet RoHS and REACH standards, as well as UL-certified assemblies. We provide sales, engineering and manufacturing support from our facilities in North America, Europe and Asia. Our experienced teams of engineers, supported by our regional design centers, collaborate with our customers to turn their concepts into high-performing, cost-effective solutions.

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