OCT 3, 2010

Methode Electronics Data Solutions Group Announces new Quantum Cabling Solution

CTI (Connectivity Technologies Inc), a business unit of Methode Electronics, Data Solutions Group, announces the release of the new Quantum Cabling Solution for high density cable management infrastructure applications.

The Quantum Cabling Solution is our response to the ever increasing port density in enterprise class data center hardware applications. While the increased density makes the best use of available space, it creates a nightmare for those trying to maintain the cabling. The Quantum Cabling Solution is capable of handling the highest port count hardware on the market, while utilizing the least amount of valuable rack space. It’s simple to install and easy to manage compared to other available options.

The Quantum Cabling Solution was designed with the user in mind and is the most user friendly, efficient solution on the market; it allows the user to cable a fully loaded enterprise class director in half the time of traditional cabling methods. In trials, the Quantum Cabling Solution reduced single card installation time from one hour down to fifteen minutes. The Quantum is fully compliant with the TIA-942 Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers. When deployed with a TIA-942 infrastructure solution, the Quantum provides a highly manageable cabling solution that improves troubleshooting and MAC (move-add-change) activities when compared to traditional cabling methods.

CTI was founded by Methode Electronics in 1997; for the past 13 years, we provided data centers with innovative solutions. The cornerstone of Methode’s Data Solutions Group, CTI together with dataMate and OPTOKON provide a broad range of products including copper and fiber cable assemblies, high speed copper SFP’s, cages and direct attached cables, patch panels, cabinets, asset tracking enabled through RFID, biometric access control, optical test equipment, harsh environment network equipment and a wide array of custom solutions. Our highly qualified professional services team can engineer and install the best solution to fit your needs.

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