SEP 17, 2009

Development Kit to Instantly Print Electrical Circuits

Methode Development Company (MDC), a business unit of Methode Electronics, Inc., announces the release of a development kit that allows engineers to create functional electrical circuits with a thermal inkjet desktop printer, eliminating tooling and reducing development time. Last year, Methode introduced the water-based 9101 conductive ink, which is formulated for thermal and Piezo inkjet printing systems. The digital inkjet printing method enables circuit pattern and variable data experimentation right at a designer's desk.

The kit includes a thermal inkjet printer, two sample substrates, a cartridge filled with the 9101 conductive ink, a printer maintenance kit and an owner's manual. The cartridge simply replaces the existing black cartridge on the desktop printer. The desktop print head is the same head used for industrial print systems, allowing a direct path for production scale-up. The price of the kit is $1,850 with replacement 9101 ink cartridges available.

The conductive properties of the ink are well suited for the growing expanding electronics market, which is forecast to grow over $1 billion by 2014. Security printing, RFID, signage, displays, backplane, photovoltaic and security markets require the efficient and cost effective manufacturing alternative of inkjet printing. The ink has electrical resistance as low as 0.2 ohms per square when printed with a resolution of 600 dots per inch (DPI).

Methode will be presenting at the 6th Annual Security Printing Conference at the Sheraton Baltimore City Center in Baltimore, MD from November 16th - 18th, 2009. Methode will exhibit at the Printed Electronics USA09 trade show at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, CA on December 2nd and 3rd, 2009. Sales inquiries and questions regarding the ink and development kit may be sent to info@methodedevelopment.com.

Emil Millas
Sales Manager
Methode Development Company
Phone: (708) 457-3222
Email: emillas@methode.com

Methode Development Company (MDC) Methode Development Company (MDC) is an industry leader in the design and development of conductive inks. To learn more about standard and application-specific conductive ink solutions, visit our Website. Methode Development Company is located in Chicago, IL.

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