OCT 3, 2010

Methode Data Solutions Group Expands Its Asset Tracking RFID Technologies with the Launch of U-Track

RICHARDSON, TX: Methode Data Solutions Group, a unit of Methode Electronics, Inc., is pleased to announce the launch of its U-TrackSM near-field RFID asset tracking solution for data centers. The U-TrackSM solution enables data centers to effortlessly and automatically track assets anywhere within the data center. An industry-first using near-field sensing technology, U-TrackSM can accurately detect the presence, identity and exact location of any rack mounted asset, providing a wide, robust range of asset management applications for IT organizations and data centers.

Many RFID asset tracking solutions available today employ UHF-based, Gen2 standard tagging and reading technologies. These systems work well for broad area asset tracking where assets are tracked across multiple area-based stages,for example: from a dock door into a data center room.

The U-Track solution leverages industry standards for high frequency RFID. It is an ideal solution for next generation facility installations where smart racking and smart cabinets are being considered, as well as retrofit environments where smart upgrades are underway to gain data center efficiencies.

Methode’s U-Track solution is the latest addition to a suite of intelligent automation products for data centers that include LocktalkSM, a biometrically secured electronic access solution; REMSSM, an intelligent environmental monitoring system; and Asset-TrackSM, the original broadfield RFID asset tracking solution. These solutions employ a common intelligence software engine, accessible through a flexible browser-based environment and open API, for integration with customer enterprise and system management consoles and datasets. For more technical information, please contact Jessica Adams, Marketing Manager of Methode Data Solutions Group, at +1 (469) 619-8516 or at jadams@methode.com.

CTI was founded by Methode Electronics in 1997; for the past 13 years,we provided data centers with innovative solutions. The cornerstone of Methode’s Data Solutions Group, CTI together with dataMate and OPTOKON provide a broad range of products including copper and fiber cable assemblies, high speed copper SFP’s, cages and direct attached cables, patch panels, cabinets, asset tracking enabled through RFID, biometric access control, optical test equipment, harsh environment network equipment and a wide array of custom solutions. Our highly qualified professional services team can engineer and install the best solution to fit your needs.

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