MAY 12, 2010

Methode Development Company Expands Inkjet Printable Conductive Ink Capabilities onto Treated Polyesters

CHICAGO, IL, May 12: Methode Development Company, a business unit of Methode Electronics, Inc., announces that their conductive ink formulated for thermal and piezo inkjet systems can now be printed onto treated Polyesters. Methode’s water-based #9101ink has excellent adhesion to this substrate. The inkjet formulation contains conductive silver nano-particles, and does not require secondary curing or additional processing. Near full conductivity is achieved within a few minutes of printing. The ink is RoHS-compliant and negligible volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) are created during printing, alleviating the need for specialized ventilation during application.

The addition of treated Polyester substrates significantly expands the growth potential in the Membrane switch, RFID and Photovoltaics markets. These markets have always required an efficient and cost effective manufacturing alternative that inkjet printing provides. The treated Polyester adds to the lineup of other substrates that require no thermal processing including coated papers and synthetic substrates such as Teslin.™

A development kit that allows engineers to create functional electrical circuits with a thermal inkjet desktop printer is available that would include both of these substrates. The kit also includes a thermal inkjet printer, 3 sample substrates, a cartridge filled with the 9101 conductive ink, a printer maintenance kit and an owner’s manual. The cartridge simply replaces the existing black cartridge on the desktop printer. The desktop print head is the same head used for industrial print systems, allowing a direct path for production scale-up. The price of the kit is $1,850 with replacement 9101 ink cartridges available.

For more technical information, please contact Emil Millas, Sales Manager, Methode Development Co. at +1 (708) 457-3222 or at Emillas@methode.com.

About MDC: Methode Development Company is a leader in the materials development and application of ink technology in the microelectronics industry. Products include conductive and insulating inks, position sensing resistor elements, cermets and polymer thick film components and circuits, carbon fiber heaters, Sonicrimp® technology and EMC shrinkMate. Methode Development Co. is located in Chicago, IL.

Sales inquiries and questions regarding Methode’s inkjet printable inks may be sent to info@methode.com.

About Methode Electronics: Methode Electronics, Inc. (NYSE: MEI) is a global manufacturer of component and subsystem devices with manufacturing, design and testing facilities located around the world. Methode designs and manufactures devices within a wide diversity of markets employing electrical, electronic, wireless, sensing and optical technologies to control and convey signals through sensors, user-interfaces, interconnections and controls. Further information can be found at Methode's website at www.methode.com.

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