September 20, 2017

Methode Sensor Technologies Exhibiting at CTI 2017 in Berlin

Methode Sensor Technologies, a division of Methode Electronics, will be showcasing its magnetoelastic elastic torque sensors at the upcoming CTI Symposium, being held in Berlin, Germany from December 4th – 7th, 2017. Methode’s magnetoelastic torque sensors have been used in the Formula One for drive train control for the last 20 years, and have since reached a degree of maturity to enable integration with larger applications, such as misfire detection of the engine and traction control for drive wheels. This is achieved by using existing shafts without geometric modifications; a one-time magnetization using the magnetic properties enables a lifetime accurate torque measurement, without aging effects. Visit us at CTI 2017 in Berlin - booth #H04 to learn more!

CTI Symposium

Car Training Institute (CTI) is the leading international congress series for automotive transmissions and alternative drives. The International CTI Symposium is a meeting point for experts from all over the world who wish to discover and discuss the latest technologies and developments in the automotive transmission and alternative drives sector. The symposium presents the people and companies who are driving the transmission sector, and highlights interesting technical and economic developments. Focus topics in the Expert Talks range from finding ways to cut costs, boost efficiency and optimize comfort to CO2 reduction, integration and connectivity strategies, and the influence of automated driving on transmissions. The symposium covers all important parameters for conventional drives, hybrid and electric drives when addressing future developments. In addition, it presents today’s state-of-the-art technology and takes a look at what lies ahead.

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