SmartPower Stack™

The SmartPower Stack™ is the industry’s first fully integrated, deployment-ready commercial embedded system for high volume solar, photovoltaic, wind, hybrid electric and electric vehicles, as well as high capacity uninterruptible power supply and efficient motor drive applications. Methode has joined with global leaders to deliver best-in-class technologies that are tightly integrated to deliver smart, efficient, reliable and long lasting power conversion. As part of this effort, National Instruments supplies the controller, I/O, simulation and programming toolset, SBE provides new high performance wound film capacitors, Fuji supplies industry leading IGBTs, AgileSwitch offers leading edge IGBT gate drives and Methode offers state-of-the-art bus bar architectures, thermal management solutions, assembly and test capability.


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EVSE Power ConnectorSpecifically designed for electric vehicle charging applications. It mates with sockets that conform to SAE J1772 level 2. This connector incorporates Methode’s patented PowerBud® contact technology which insures very low power contact resistance and a lifetime in excess of 10,000 mating-unmating cycles.



Subassembly ServicesAs a world-renowned manufacturer of high-mix, low-volume product lines, and automotive high-volume production, Methode has the skills and experience to provide customers with high-quality, tested sub-assemblies delivered on time. Over more than sixty years, Methode has earned a reputation of helping our customers efficiently focus the use of their manufacturing resources, reduce the number of suppliers they manage and lower their inventory and the cost of their products.

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