The FusionLug® is a durable, low-voltage-drop termination fabricated from the stranded ends of the cable. Created through Methode's unique process of fusing wire with a copper sleeve, the reliable lug is typically formed using high-strand-count power cable. As the lug is not a separate entity, and the circuit current rating is only limited by the wire.

  • Creates a gas-tight seal to prevent internal corrosion
  • Ideal for multiple wire terminations commoned together
  • Utilized in applications involving movement, shock or vibration
  • Machinable with chamfers, diagonal cuts and bends
  • Termination rating is equivalent to cable current rating
  • Low cable-termination resistance

Case Studies & Testimonials

Custom FusionLug® for Battery JumperThe customer needed to link lithium-ion cells to create a battery for an electric car. The links needed to be flexible and low-profile, with a custom hole pattern and a voltage monitoring tap.

Multi-Wire FusionLug® Solves Reliability ProblemsMethode improves the reliability of an existing power cable system used to distribute 48VDC to three separate loads.

Router Power Cable from Power Supply to BackplaneOur team of engineers connects a 50A source to a backplane situated around a very sharp corner, and makes the backplane connection both secure and robust.

FusionLug® on Flat Braid for Low Inductance AssemblyMethode was tasked with replacing conventional round power cables with a long, flexible, 200A power cable that was both less susceptible to picking up external electrical noise as well as less apt to radiate electrical noise from its switching power supply source, allowing the system to more easily pass conducted and radiated emissions requirements.


Fully Customizable

The FusionLug® is a fully and easily customizable termination lug that can be designed to me your power specifications.

Technical Library

FusionLug® Data Sheet

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FusionLug® vs Ring Lug Test Report

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