A high-strand-count cable, PowerFlex™ is designed for high-current power distribution applications. With small-gauge strands, low durometer jacket and rope-lay construction, PowerFlex cabling has the flexibility necessary for tight-radius bends and the durability to withstand the demands of harsh environments.

  • 300 V power
  • Extreme flexibility allows tight bend radius
  • Fits into compact spaces
  • Excellent for repetitive motion applications
  • Easy installation

Case Studies & Testimonials

Router Power Cable from Power Supply to BackplaneMethode was tasked with connecting a 50A source to a backplane situated around a very sharp corner, and make the backplane connection both secure and robust.


PowerFlex™ with FusionLug®

PowerFlex™ cabling can be easily terminated with Methode's high quality FusionLug®. Fabricated from the stranded ends of the cable, the FusionLug is created through Methode's unique process of fusing wire with copper, developing a low-voltage-drop termination that can be cut, bent, drilled or chamfered to meet specific application requirements.

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PowerFlex™ Data Sheet

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FusionLug® Data Sheet

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