Parallel Power Cable (PPC™)

A flat power cable designed to minimize airflow, lower inductance and ease system routing problems, Parallel Power Cable (PPC™) is designed for power distribution and grounding applications. With tin-plated multi-strand wires extruded in a parallel formation, PPC's unique construction offers more current per Circular Mil Area (CMA) than round cable. Lighter than conventional power cable, PPC's innovative design is easy to route and can improve system airflow.

  • Extreme flexibility forms a very tight bend radius
  • Available from 50 to 335A
  • Stackable and ideal for bus bar applications
  • Easily installed
  • Fits into compact spaces

Case Studies & Testimonials

Long Power Cable for Hydrogen Fuel CellsThe design of a 25-foot-long electrical cable that is practical, easily shipped and quickly installed to connect hydrogen fuel cells to their power distribution bus.

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Parallel Power Cable (PPC™) Data Sheet

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FusionLug® Data Sheet

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