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Methode’s power connectors are engineered for high current and high efficiency, addressing the demanding requirements of industries such as defense & aerospace, data center & communications, automotive, industrial, & renewable energy. The patented PowerBud® contact technology brings superior electrical performance with low resistance and voltage drop, and mechanical advantages such as low insertion/extraction force and high cycle life. PowerBud® power contact technology is found in the EBC (Embedded Bud Connector), the MQUAD, and the J1772 Electric Vehicle Charge Coupler. Methode also offers Louver & Clip contact systems such as the Open Compute Project (OCP) Connector, MCC Bus Bar Clip Connector, and in Custom Louver Power Connectors.

Our Power Connection & Contact Solutions

Our power connectors overcome limitations of conventional power connectors with low insertion forces, low resistance and a long life cycle.

MCC Bus Bar Clip Connector

The MCC Bus Bar Clip Connector is a bus bar to bus bar connector having isolated opposing interconnects for two pole connections or combined single pole 400 Amp capacity. CONNECTOR SELECTION GUIDE

Open Compute Project Connector (OCP Connector)

The Open Compute Project Connector (OCP Connector) is a blind-mate bus bar clip compatible with the Open Rack platform. The Open Rack is designed to maximize efficiency of large scale data center rack deployments taking into consideration the interdependencies in the data center. CONNECTOR SELECTION GUIDE

PowerBud® Power Connectors

PowerBud® contact technology with innovative parallel contact point design combines outstanding electrical and mechanical performance. PowerBud contacts are found in the Embedded Bud Connector (EBC), MQUAD, and J1772 Electric Vehicle Charge Coupler. CONNECTOR SELECTION GUIDE

Electric Vehicle Charge Coupler Connector

Methode’s electric vehicle charge coupler connector for SAE J1772 charging is UL & CSA recognized and utilizes patented PowerBud® contact technology for superior electrical and mechanical performance. CONNECTOR SELECTION GUIDE

Custom Louver Contacts

Louver contacts provide a robust interface for high-power blade-type interfaces and can be configured for use in bus bars, power PCBs, connectors and cabling terminations. CONNECTOR SELECTION GUIDE

Custom Power Connector Housings

Methode's innovative engineering team can quickly design and prototype custom connector housings to meet specific customer needs. CONNECTOR SELECTION GUIDE

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