PowerRail® allows for maximum power-distribution flexibility with multiple interconnect points anywhere along its length. Easily customized in lengths up to 6 ft, it is available with one, two or three rails to isolate multiple potentials. PowerRail comes in 200A or 750A configurations, and a variety of quick connect/disconnect options, such as jackscrew, squeeze-to-release and panel mount.

Our PowerRail® Solutions

Our custom-engineered PowerRail® adds flexibility to data centers, allowing customers with the most demanding power-distribution needs to reliably operate.

PowerRail® 200A

The PowerRail® 200A is a double-rail model of six-inch-long modular units that can be daisy-chained together to reach any length, from 6 in. to 6 ft.

PowerRail® 750A

The PowerRail® 750A is available in one- or two-rail configurations, and can be provided in any length up to 6 ft.

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