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As a world-renowned manufacturer of high-mix, low-volume product lines, and automotive high-volume production, Methode has the skills and experience to provide customers with high-quality, tested sub-assemblies delivered on time. Over more than sixty years, Methode has earned a reputation of helping our customers efficiently focus the use of their manufacturing resources, reduce the number of suppliers they manage and lower their inventory and the cost of their products.


Mainframe Computer Power Distribution Assembly

This assembly integrates powder coated laminated bus bars, connectors, capacitors, balance resistors, sensor harness assembly and captured hardware.

Motordrive Capacitor Bank

This assembly integrates multilayer, powder coated bus bars, capacitors, surge resistor and mounting plate.

2U Power Distribution Unit for a Telecommunication Cabinet

This assembly integrates sheet metal enclosures, powder coated bus bars, circuit breakers and associated power electronics and cabling.

Complex Insert Molding & Lead Frame Assemblies

Insert molded Lead Frames can be designed with compartments for wire bonded electronic citruits and multiple I/O Interfaces.

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