ShrinkMate™ Cable Shielding

This lightweight solution provides not only electrical continuity, EMI, RFI, and ESD cable shielding, but also enables electrical connection between components of various sizes and shapes, and between solderable and non-solderabale surfaces.

Methode’s ShrinkMate™ cable shielding connectors use MIl-I-23053/5 polyolefin tubing, or clear medical grade polyester tubing and a highly conductive Polymer Thick Film silver inner coating. The coating shrinks with a heat gun, oven, or any other conventional heat source. When the tubing is set, the inner conductive layer provides an electrical connection between the outside surfaces of the objects that are joined by the tubing. Coaxial cable butt joints and cable to shielded connector housing joints can be made fast and easy and without the use of solder.



Superior Electrical ConnectionProviding a complete circumferential shield around the connector and the shielded cable, shrinkMate™ electrical connections are possible between components of various sizes and shapes, and between solderable and non-solderable surfaces, such as stamped metal, plated finishes and shielding paints.

Environmentally FriendlyRoHS-compliant shrinkMate™ uses Methode's exclusive polymer thick film (PTF) silver ink for reliable electrical termination.

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ShrinkMate EMI Cable Shielding Heat Shrink data sheet

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