Methode Development Company's patented process, Sonicrimp®, provides a simple, elegant and efficient technique for mass termination of wires and contacts, of virtually any size and combination, to a wide variety of surfaces and substrates. Offering waterproof and low-resistance electrical connections, Sonicrimp is utilized in disposable single-patient use applications, sensor solutions for patient monitoring, and RFID infant security and wandering resident applications.

  • No solder, IDC or conductive adhesives required
  • Offers higher density potential
  • Utilizes ultrasonic welding
  • Maintains contact and wire compression even after extended heat aging and thermal cycling
  • Includes moisture barriers for environmentally sealed connections
  • Provides special mounting designs for superior strain relief to the cable
  • Features rounded edges for comfort and safety
  • Won't crack or increase resistance like conductive adhesives
  • Offers ergonomic finger grips for added efficiency and safety


Green TechnologySolder free, the Sonicrimp® process eliminates the use of potentially hazardous materials as well as the contamination and cleaning associated with various solder processes.

Multiple Functions in a Single TerminalMDC's patented process features environmental sealing, mounting features and other mechanical performance criteria.

Cable Strain ReliefOur engineers mold a cable strain relief into the cap and cradle, eliminating a component and reducing the steps in the assembly process.

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