The Difference Is Product Quality Through Expert Testing

Methode does more than test our products rigorously; we also help write the industry standards. Our industry specialists average more than ten years experience utilizing advanced diagnostic equipment and techniques to verify our products meet both your exacting specifications and ours.

Our Test PrinciplesMethode's extraordinary testing capabilities are the foundation of why our products have a track record for surpassing industry requirements.

Global Test SitesTest locations in North America, Europe and Asia support our global operations and valued global customers.

CertificationsMethode's laboratories maintain numerous certifications including: ISO 17025, ISO 9001, DSCC, UL, ITAR, ISTA, CPCS and MDE. See our Certifications.

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Broad Test Capabilities

With an extensive range of diagnostic equipment, Methode is prepared to test nearly every application—from verifying the functionality of parts or circuits to investigating the composition of different chemicals.

Custom Test Equipment

Methode designs and fabricates test equipment to meet any customer requirement. We provide a full range of solutions from automated and manual test equipment to assembly stations and complete production lines.

Improved Testing for Improved Functionality

Through the use of specialized equipment, adaptable for interface with most products, Methode cycles, exercises and simulates the use of a device throughout its expected lifespan, permitting us to go beyond other companies' limited testing capabilities to determine reliability and systematically improve functionality.

Environmental Testing

Methode's testing capacities include the ability to simulate almost any environment where our products may be deployed, including temperature, humidity, vibration, altitude and explosive atmosphere.

Preemptive Failure & Root-Cause Analysis

Before manufacturing even begins, our top-notch team of biologists, chemists, engineers and physicists diagnose and solve for a wide range of complex issues.

Lead-Free / RoHS Testing

In order to verify conformance with market requirements governing the use of specific materials, including lead, Methode performs specific internal testing to the European RoHS (Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances) directive.

Materials Evaluation for Quality End-Product

With a push toward low-cost suppliers, many manufacturers have experienced inconsistencies with their purchased materials. If needed, Methode will verify the specific content of parts or substances before we put them into our products.

Optical Testing

Methode's fiber-optic test equipment measures physical characteristics of fiber in addition to verifying the quality of the high-speed data passing through it.

Printed Circuit Board Electronics Testing

In order to confirm quality in manufactured and purchased printed circuit boards, Methode has a complete IPC-accredited lab that is certified to the latest standards.

Counterfeit Component Evaluation

The flood of counterfeit components entering the market has directly affected industries' supply chains, as well as their bottom lines. Methode has developed an in-house counterfeit group to verify all components are authentic and to ensure they meet the traceability requirements of all major markets.

Supplier Qualification and Surveillance

Methode greatly reduces delays in the assembly process with our supplier qualification program, verifying the quality of vendor parts before they reach the manufacturing location.

UL Certifications

Testing includes UL94, Flammability of Plastic Materials; UL746A-E, Short and Long-Term Property Evaluations of Polymeric Materials; UL796, Testing of Printed Wiring Boards; UL796F, Testing of Flexible Materials Interconnect Constructions and UL1694, Flammability Testing of Small Polymeric Component Materials.

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