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Our Standard User Interface Solutions

The IntuiTek™ off-the-shelf modular interface components deliver product design flexibility and capability to differentiate the user interface look and feel.

Rotary Haptic Controller

The IntuiTek™ standard haptic rotary controller is no longer an active product, and it is no longer available for sale.

If you are interested in a custom developed haptic product, please see Custom Haptic Control Solutions or contact us.

IntuiTek Modular Interface Components

IntuiTek’s easy-to-use software-free, peel-and-stick touch input devices are a great way to add touch interaction to smaller volume programs and for mock-ups and prototyping. Avoid tooling costs and accelerate your next product development cycle with IntuiTek.

IntuiTek Numeric Keypad Products

IntuiTek’s turn-key numeric keypads are reliable and robust, using patented solid-state field-effect technology. Solid-state field-effect technology has no moving parts and are more robust and last longer than mechanical switches. Accelerate your time to market with a keypad using proven technology and is easy to install.

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