Case Studies

Utilized in a wide range of industries and applications around the world, Methode products have enabled some of the most critical systems to achieve industry-leading product performance. Through the success of our customers' products, Methode has become one of the most trusted providers of electromechanical solutions. Read some of our most recent success stories below.

Solution Group
User Interface Power Data Sensors & Switches

Cross-Category Launch of User Interface Consoles for New Kitchen Products

One of the world’s largest white goods OEMs approached TouchSensor with the challenge of concurrently designing and launching twelve distinct, custom user interfaces, across four products…

High Resolution Touch Screen for White Goods Industry

One of the world's largest white-goods OEMs approached TouchSensor™ to design a user interface with consumer electronics-like performance for their premium brand’s new wall oven

Solid-State Control Panel for Kia Motors

Kia Motors approached Methode to create a new, in-car infotainment system to debut at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The goal was to transform the automobile’s…

Beverage Dispensing User Interface for Food Service Industry

The customer’s technical team was intrigued by TouchSensor’s software-free TS100 field-effect touch technology. Capable of being mounted on standard printed circuit board material…

Implementation of Innovative User Interface Solutions

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial cranes saw their competition gradually adding new features to their products to improve safety and usability…

Ford Electronic Finish Panels

The MyFord™ driver-connect technology project began after Ford thoroughly reviewed the current interior design and limitations, considering new and emerging technologies available…

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