Company History

Methode Electronics was founded by William J. McGinley in 1946 and established on the south side of Chicago, Illinois. Mr. McGinley believed that through innovation and the use of the cutting-edge technology, he could engineer and manufacture solutions that would help his customers grow their own businesses. The company was named from an anagram of McGinley, electrode and cathode as the company started with the production of a more reliable tube-socket used in radios, early television sets.

In 1951, the etched circuit board was introduced by the U.S. Army Signal Corps and Methode jumped in and designed and patented a “printed circuit socket” for plugging a vacuum tube into a circuit board. Soon, Methode pioneered the development of printing and etching techniques that permitted volume manufacturing of printed circuit boards for consumer electronics. In 1957, Mr. McGinley helped found and became the first president of the Institute of Printed Circuits (IPC). Methode kept expanding its “interconnect” solutions for multiple markets and many customers. Since its founding, Methode continues to develop new technology and innovative solutions, such as user interfaces, LED lighting, sensors, power distribution and medical devices for our customers worldwide.

Methode has over 6,100 employees, and globally located sales, engineering and manufacturing facilities.