Electric Vehicle Charge Coupler Connector

Specifically designed for electric vehicle charging applications, this charge coupler mates with sockets that conform to SAE J1772. This connector incorporates Methode’s patented PowerBud® contact technology which insures very low power contact resistance and a lifetime in excess of 10,000 mating-unmating cycles.


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PowerBud® Patented Contact Technology

Highly redundant points of contact, which efficiently conducts a much higher current with low resistance and low insertion force than similar-sized contacts. The cycle life has been proven in excess of 10,000 cycles. Learn more

LED Docking Light

The Methode J1772 connector has the option for an integrated white LED docking light that allows easy location of inlet when charging in the evening or a dimly lit environment.

Ergonomic Contoured Grip

The ergonomic contoured grip makes the connector comfortable and easy to use.

How we customize

Make the handle yours with custom shell color and logo.

Highly Flexible Cable

The Methode custom cable remains flexible, even at low temperatures. The cable construction is 3x 10AWG, and 1x 18AWG.

How we customize

Also available with other size cables.

Robust Strain Relief

A robust strain relief allows cable flexibility while maintaining a secure attachment to the connector.

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