Custom Machined Power-Connector Housings

Methode designs custom housings for customer-specific applications using our own power and signal contacts which range in size from #22 to #4/0. Methode's engineers use stereolithography and CNC machining to create plastic housings for development, prototype and preproduction runs before designing and building production-mold tooling. Using these evaluation tools helps expedite the connector development process allowing faster production-level tooling implementation. Customization options include:

  • Multiple contact configurations and sizes
  • Number of contacts per connector and contact position
  • Special sequencing of contacts
  • Contact termination type: crimp, threaded, solder, compliant and more
  • Guidepost and receptacles
  • Hot plug
  • Insertable/removable, insertable/non-removable or fixed contacts
  • Locking or non-locking housings
  • Strain reliefs can be added to rear of housing
  • Shielding and grounding requirements can be easily incorporated
  • Power and signal mix connectors

Case Studies & Testimonials

High-Voltage Medical ConnectorThe design of an 800VAC, blind-mate panel mount connector that included a total of 13 contacts, each rated for 150A

Power & Signal Rover Interconnect Methode was tasked with designing a connector for charging a robot battery that integrates power and signal contacts, has very little mating force, can be blind-mated without human help and will survive over 3,000 charge cycles and still maintain connection integrity.

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