Open Compute Project Connector (OCP Connector)

The Open Compute Project Connector (OCP Connector) is a blind-mate bus bar clip compatible with the Open Rack platform. The Open Rack is designed to maximize efficiency of large scale data center rack deployments taking into consideration the interdependencies in the data center.

The OCP Connector is available for use in custom assemblies or in the OCP module with cabling and lugs in a ready-to-use configuration.

Find more information about the Open Compute Project on their website: www.opencompute.org


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Application Examples

Open Compute Project Connector Module (OCP Connector Module)

The OCP Connector Module utilizes the OCP Connector together with Methode’s flexible cable PowerFlex, FusionLug cable termination lug, float mounting plate, and choke, to provide a connector solution ready to implement in an Open Rack design. Please refer to the Open Compute Module Drawing for more detail.

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