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Sensing Possibilities

Methode is a pioneer in engineering sensing solutions that encompass electromechanical, magnetic, magnetoelastic, field-effect, optical and biometric technologies for the most challenging requirements. Our broad portfolio addresses diverse applications including: life science and medical equipment, controls for harsh environments and safety critical X-by-wire sensors. We bring these solutions to the global market through efficient, multi-industry certified, vertically-integrated manufacturing on three continents.

We listen to your needs, and apply the right technologies to provide a customized industry-proven solution.

Technologies & Capabilities

MagnetoelasticMagnetoelastic technology offers accurate and reliable non-contact sensing of magnetic profiles and measurement of low Gauss fields.
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Field-EffectNon-contact Field-Effect sensing technology can directly sense the presence of high-dielectric materials such as fluids, solids, and even human-tissue.

CapacitiveMethode's non-contact sensing capacitive technology utilizes relative phase shift to determine displacement between fixed stator and reflective electrodes.

Eddy CurrentA non-contact solution, eddy current technology offers highly accurate position sensing of a metallic target without the use of a magnet.

Electro-MechanicalElectro-mechanical sensing technology offers the discrete motion detection of linear and rotary contacts.

Hall EffectUtilizing a hall or GMR effect sensor, hall effect technology is the non-contact detection of a moving magnetic target.

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