Capacitive technology is used for absolute, phase position or array sensing. Improving classification position recognition and weight measurement, capacitive sensing does not wear or require recalibration throughout the design life.


Customer Values

  • Maintenance-free performance for the design life of the product
  • Flexible concept
  • Mature technology adaptable to new customer applications
  • Designed and validated to perform in harsh automotive environments

Technology Values

  • Precision sensor capable of high angular resolution
  • Angular error detection capability
  • Multi-turn and absolute angular measurements scalable for each application

Technology Fundamentals

Not strictly a capacitive sensor, the angular sensor relies on capacitive coupling between a fixed signal electrode array and a rotating, reflecting electrode. The seat sensing system consists of an array of capacitive sensors placed in the seat cushion. With the support of an electronic module, sensor inputs are decoded and interpreted to define the weight and the position of the seat occupant.

Products & Capabilities

Capacitive Seat

Customer Values

  • Economical Improved performance
  • Field serviceable
  • Straightforward integration
  • Meets FMVSS208 advanced airbag requirements
Technology Values
  • Improves classification capability
  • Out-of-position occupant recognition
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • High resolution, accuracy and repeatability
  • Ergonomic, environmental and cost objectives are met through custom design


Customer Values

  • Built-in initial position alignment
  • Flexible concept applicable to most steering sensing applications
  • Packaging footprint smaller than competing technologies
  • Qualified for use on vehicle stability systems
Technology Values
  • Low hysteresis gear design
  • Multi-turn angular measurements scalable for each application
  • Eliminates the need for system wake-up upon car start-up
  • Not reliant on absolute capacitance making it more robust than similar technologies

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