Methode's high-performance field-effect technology is rapidly becoming the new technology standard in direct material sensing, improving operations in applications from liquid-level controls for medical applications, to bilge pump controls for marine applications to through-wall coffee bean sensing in vending applications.


Customer Values

  • Custom and standard solutions
  • Ideal for non-contact or through-wall detection
  • Senses fluids, semi-solid media and conductive materials
  • Avoids leak paths and material contamination
  • Offers insert-mold compatibility and moisture resistance
  • Allows for easy integration and customization

Technology Values

  • Direct material sensing without mechanical coupling
  • Ability to sense any conductive material
  • Detects fluid with dielectric constants over 30
  • Strong signal-to-noise ratio
  • EMC compatible with low-radiated emissions
  • No environmental baseline software required
  • UL-approved for safety critical applications

Case Studies & Testimonials

Through-Wall Material Level SensingMethode was asked to create a reliable and accurate way to sense the level of non-liquid material through walls and other solid divisions.

Individual-Patient Medical Fluid BagsMethode was approached to develop a lightweight and portable sensor capable of determining capacity levels on medical fluid bags, for use by individual patients.

Technology Fundamentals

TouchSensor's patented field-effect sensing technology offers customers an extremely reliable, digital logic-level switching solution for use in a variety of markets and product applications. It can easily replace any conventional electro-mechanical switch and digital sensor, and brings low-impedance solid-state switch reliability in its place. Field effect requires no software to operate, is adjustable in sensitivity and is available in a broad variety of shapes and sizes. Input stimulus to the field can vary by design and may come in the form of either metal, liquid, human tissue, or any other type of conductive sensing target.

At field effect's core is the TS10 chip. When five volts are applied, an electro-static field is created that emanates directly through the protective dielectric substrate and monitors for whatever switching or sensing event the system is designed to detect. For example, if a conductive rail on a seat track were to enter this field, the sensor would detect a change in state and signal the controller that an event has occurred. The system could then process this information and perform any necessary actions.

Operating Characteristics

  • Operating voltage: 5 Vdc ± 10%.
  • Operating temperature: -40ºC to +120ºC.
  • Typical response time: 32 µ seconds.
  • Typical current consumption: 8 µamps
  • Interface options: DC or matrix (requires ground)
  • Output configurations: active high or low
  • Switch actuation: adjustable sensitivity
  • Packaging: low-profile 6-Pin SOT 23 (TS100 chip)
  • Processing: compatible with all conventional electronic manufacturing processes
  • Typical actuation area: various sizes dependant onwall thickness or sensing target
  • Sensing target examples: high dielectric fluids, conductive objects or films
  • Substrate options: non-conductive materials up to 10 mm. thick varying by application
  • Application: single or multi-level point and position sensing

Standard Products

LevelGuard® Home Sump Pump Controls

A non-contact fluid-level sensor, LevelGuard® products are simple to install, have thermal protection and can manage sump pump electrical loads up to 16 amps.

LevelGuard® Industrial Pump Controls Featuring TouchSensor

LevelGuard® Industrial Controls are equipped with additional cord length to meet challenging contractor demands, and also have additional warranty.

LevelGuard® Marine & RV Products

A proven leader for designing reliable on-board fluid controls, Methode offers a variety of high-performance fluid-level sensing products, including bilge pump controls, fresh and grey water monitoring systems, and high water level alarms. These utilize the same core field-effect level-sensing technology as our residential and industrial products.

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