Hall Effect

Hall effect technology is capable of measuring multi-turn angles, utilizing a secondary gear mechanism that acts as a revolution counter, as well as an absolute, low-resolution angle sensor. Adaptable to most position sensor applications, the technology is designed and validated to perform in harsh automotive environments.


Customer Values

  • Maintenance-free performance
  • Applicable to most position sensor applications
  • Performs in harsh automotive environments

Technology Values

  • Capable of angular error detection
  • Adaptable to any absolute position sensor to support multi-turn angular measurements
  • Simplified way of measuring position and angle

Technology Fundamentals

Utilizing hall technology, a multi-turn angle sensor can be implemented using a gear that rotates at a different ratio to the main shaft, providing a different position for each full revolution. A magnet is fixed to the gear, allowing the detection of gear position with hall sensors. Each gear position, and therefore sense revolution, has a different hall sensor signal detected by the micro controller. Software determines either the number of revolutions from the zero position or the absolute angle depending on the application.

Products & Capabilities

Hall Effect Position Sensor

Customer Values

  • Economical solution
  • Broad supply base for the core technology
  • Mature technology adaptable to new customer applications
Technology Values
  • Mature proven technology
  • Linear and discrete application possible
  • No need for highly calibrated magnet

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