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The world's most advanced interior and exterior user interface solutions have evolved to combine style, performance, reliability and innovative technology. Methode builds or can customize solutions for every need, whether users require switching, controls, haptic feedback or biometric identity verification.

Our Automotive & Transportation Solutions

Methode takes automotive and transportation user interface solutions to the next level with superior interior and exterior human-to-machine interfaces. Using innovative technologies, Methode enhances the driving experience with reliable, interactive controls designed to our customers’ specific requirements.

interACT - Automotive Control Technology

The vehicle environment is evolving from a basic user interface to an experience where the human and vehicle truly interact with one another. Sophisticated technologies are shaping the way for a safer and more satisfying driving experience.

Integrated Center Stack

Leverage Methode's Technology Toolbox and capitalize on one of the hottest automotive interior design trends to differentiate brands and models with unique integrated center-stack styling.

Automotive Capacitive Touch Screen

Sensitive to touch yet rugged enough to survive transportation-industry requirements, our touch screens are designed for a long life of accurate and reliable performance.

Automotive Controls & Switches

One of the fastest growing trends in automotive-interior electronics is to replace traditional mechanical switches with solid-state switches. Our solid-state solutions provide OEMs the ability to offer highly stylized interiors that revolutionize the approach to both design and development.

Custom Automotive System Solutions

Capable of meeting customer needs at every phase of the design and production process, Methode design complete solutions that incorporate solid-state switches, biometrics, Class-A finishes, and more.

Custom Haptic Control Solutions

IntuiTek™ haptic devices are the next revolution in Programmable Rotary Control to achieve precision control, on-the-fly programming of tactile feedback, push-to-select switching for multifunction use and more.

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