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The way we interact with our vehicle is rapidly evolving. With the explosion of new features and capabilities available to the user, it’s important to ensure that the driver is still safe while driving. Methode is uniquely positioned to provide the cutting-edge technology that driver’s want while providing a safe, personal, and intuitive means for the driver to interact with their vehicle.


A personal and safe vehicle interface covering:

Gesture InterfaceGestures on tablets is a very intuitive way to control the device, but it’s not a perfect solution for all driving experiences. Anytime you move your eyes away from the road risk is added to the drive. To minimize this, Methode has designed a gesture based control method for commonly used functions and allows you to never remove your eyes from the road.

Capacitive Touch ScreensBringing the tablet experience into the vehicle is not trivial, as it has to meet stringent automotive requirements. Offering crisp functionality and gestures familiar from using a tablet, Methode’s design offers world class optical and performance properties expected in the automotive world. Read more about Methode’s Automotive Capacitive Touch Screens.

CellControl with DriverIDThe ability to prevent texting (and other distracting functions on the phone) while driving is now available. When the vehicle is in motion, the driver’s mobile device is locked out except for hands free calling through the vehicle. Once the vehicle is stopped, the phone is re-activated for use. DriverID allows the passenger to fully use all features of the driver’s mobile device when the vehicle is in motion.

BiometricsCustomization of the driving experience is difficult to achieve when controlled with just a key FOB as these are often shared. Once shared, all data gets corrupted by the new user. Biometrics give you the power to know who is driving and thus ensuring flawless data collection. Read more about Methode’s Biometric Authentication Technology.

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