Radio Remote Controls

Equipped with pioneering features including interference protection, emergency stop circuitry, impact-resistant housings, ergonomic designs and more, Hetronic's versatile Radio Remote Controls (RRCs) offer unprecedented safety, reliability and cost-savings. Designed to withstand some of the most challenging work environments in the world, our RRCs control any kind of machinery, virtually anywhere, in an array of industries.

Our Hetronic Radio Remote Control Solutions

Compact and versatile, our solutions are designed for maximum operator safety and efficiency. Attractive in appearance and price, our products are available off-the-shelf or as customized solutions. From a limited number of features to multi-digital functions, Hetronic RRCs deliver the ideal solutions for our customers' requirements.


The Hetronic MINI is a small and rugged push-button transmitter, ideal for use with applications that require a limited number of digital functions. It fits comfortably in hand, and may be conveniently stored with our smart belt clip that attaches to the operator's belt.


The ERGO-F, TG and Pocket transmitters are compact, easy to use and completely programmable for tailored versatility that fits any application. Added benefits of these remote setup transmitters include Hetronic's competitive pricing and variable speed operation.

Hand Held (HH)

The unique pistol-grip design of the Hand Held (HH) transmitter allows for safe and comfortable operation. Built to excel in short-range situations, the rugged and compact HH series deftly controls a limited number of digital functions. Our innovative MFS feature allows up to 20 transmitters to operate safely in close proximity.

NOVA Series

The NOVA series offers a wide range of fully customized, semi-custom, and off-the-shelf solutions, all featuring Hetronic's cutting-edge, ergonomic yet rugged design that provides operators easy access to controls.

GL Series

The sleek and robust GL Series is available with up to three dual-axis joysticks (digital or proportional) or with up to six fully-proportional paddle levers. Off-the-shelf or fully customized, the GL Series is extremely versatile to suit a wide range of operational needs.

GR & EURO Series

Offered as completely customizable solutions, the lightweight GR and EURO RRCs from Hetronic incorporate ample room for joysticks, paddle levers, push buttons, toggle switches and more.


Completely customizable, Hetronic Receivers are designed for maximum functionality, and are built to withstand the most rugged field environments. For AC- or DC-powered relay, solid-state or serial interface outputs, Hetronic offers a fully programmable, versatile receiver solution for any stationary or mobile machine operation.

For more information and how to buy visit www.Hetronic.com.

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