White Goods

Creative user interface design coupled with incredible performance is key to a brand's success. Methode's innovative TouchSensor™ user interface solutions thrive in any challenging temperature or high-use environment with design that makes the sale.


Our White Goods Solutions

Designing more interactive and responsive system controls, our solutions for the White Goods industry provide end-users with an enhanced sensory experience.

Touch User Interfaces

Utilizing patented and UL-approved field-effect technology, TouchSensor creates elegant yet durable touch panels mounted behind decorative and customizable plastic fascia or tempered glass consoles.


Add a new dimension to your UI design by shaping the decorative fascia panels. TouchSensor can mount flexible printed circuit boards to formed surfaces with ease.

Touch with Integrated Lighting & Displays

TouchSensor has the lighting and optics expertise to bring renewed vision and a bold new look to any basic-touch interface. Make your UI design come alive by integrating single-point LEDs, ring-lighting, text lighting or displays into your application.

Touch Screen Solutions

Using projected capacitance technology, TouchSensor touch screens are mounted behind decorated tempered glass or plastic fascia panels to combine requisite toughness with differentiating design appeal.

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